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    Sand Creek Member Assistance Program

    All of us experience times when a personal problem or crisis situation affects the way we function at work and home. As a member of Sand Creek, our state bar has contracted with Sand Creek to provide FREE, confidential assessment, short-term counseling, referral, and follow-up for you and your eligible family members. A licensed counselor will assist you in assessing your situation, finding options, making choices, or locating further help.

    • Sand Creek Member Assistance Website - click on "wellness center" your password is sbsd1 
    • You can also call 651-430-3383 and 888-243-5744 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for crisis services and/or problem assessment, action planning and follow up.  


    Mental Health Centers Agreement

    We have reached an understanding with the eleven mental health centers across the state and will honor our agreement. If you are stressed out or you believe that you may be suffering from depression, the State Bar encourages you to seek a professional evaluation. If you don't have insurance or otherwise lack the financial resources, the State Bar project, funded by ALPS and the SD Bar Foundation, will cover the evaluation and several follow-up counseling sessions if indicated. You need to only schedule the appointment and show them your active membership card. This is a confidential project. Counseling records are not made available to the State Bar. We just pay the bill for those who can't afford it, up to the limit of $500 per lawyer. Click on the following link for a mental health center directory.

    If you have a law partner or lawyer friend that you believe may be suffering from stress and depression, visit with them. Encourage this lawyer to consider having an evaluation. Depression caught at the early stages prior to becoming chronic is much, much easier to address. In just a few counseling sessions, you/your friend can learn techniques to more effectively deal with the stress in our lives, whether personal or professional.

    12 Signs of Depression

    1. I’m eating much more (or much less) than usual.
    2. I’m sleeping more (or less) than usual.
    3. I’m sad most of the time.
    4. I feel worthless and often guilty.
    5. I often feel tense and irritable.
    6. I have no energy, even when I get up in the morning.
    7. I have lost interest in most of the activities I used to enjoy.
    8. I feel hopeless about the future.
    9. I have trouble concentrating, making decisions, or remembering.
    10. I cry a lot.
    11. I have persistent aches and pains.
    12. I think about death or suicide. (If you answer yes, seek immediate help, regardless of your answers to the other questions.)

    According to the National Foundation for Depressive Illness, you could be suffering from depression if you have experienced two or more from the preceding list of symptoms for at least two weeks in a row.


    If you are aware of anyone within in the South Dakota Legal Community (lawyers, law office personnel, judges, courthouse employees, or law students) who have suffered a sudden and/or catastrophic loss due to an unexpected event, illness, or injury, the South Dakota SOLACE Program may be able to assist.

    Please contact if you, or someone you know, could benefit from this program.We have a statewide (and beyond) network of generous South Dakota attorneys willing to get involved and help. We do not solicit cash but can assist with contributions of clothing, housing, transportation, medical community contacts, and a myriad of other possible solutions through the thousands of contacts available through the State Bar of South Dakota and its membership.

    Disability Rights South Dakota is Here to Help



    Your Bar Leadership has been concerned that members needing help with chemical dependency or mental health issues may be reluctant to call State Bar Headquarters to inquire where to seek help.  Phone calls seeking help for themselves, a loved one or a colleague have always and will continue to be kept strictly confidential.  That said, Bar Leadership has determined that a referral agency independent of State Bar staff may reduce any reluctance to call.  Thus, beginning July 1, 2017, individuals concerned about an attorney in their life can call Disability Rights South Dakota for assistance.  Both LCL and LAC committees provided names and contact information to Disability Rights SD for referrals.  You will be provided with the names and phone numbers and can proceed to call whomever you select from the appropriate list.

    Disability Rights South Dakota:   605-224-8294 or toll free 800-658-4782

    Phone calls to Disability Rights SD are kept strictly confidential.


    The Path To Lawyer Well-Being Study

    • Creating a movement to improve well being in the legal profession.
    • Click the link to go to the report of the national task force on lawyer well being.

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