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State Bar of South Dakota Bar Commission

Click on the Commissioners name to view their Profile and full contact information, or email them by clicking on their address.

President - Heather Lammers Bogard, Sioux Falls Term Ends June 2023

President Elect - Julie Dvorak, Rapid City/Spearfish Term Ends June 2023

Secretary-Treasurer - Paul L. Cremer, Pierre

1st Circuit - Tyler P. Matson Term Ends June 2025

2nd Circuit - Caroline A. Srstka, Term Ends June 2025

3rd Circuit - David R. Strait Term Ends June 2025

4th Circuit - Kimberly R. Kinney  Term Ends June 2026

5th Circuit - Gerald M. McCabe Term Ends June 2026

6th Circuit - Justin L. Bell Term Ends June 2025

7th Circuit - Erika Olson Term Ends June 2025

At Large:

Amber L. Mulder Term Ends June 2026

Hon. Francy E. Foral Term Ends June 2024

Rory King Term Ends June 2024

Steven Blair  Term Ends June 2026

John T. Richter Term Ends June 2024

Nicholas G. Moser Term Ends June 2024


Do you want to run for the Bar Commission?  Nominating petitions should be submitted to the State Bar Office May first, for printing in the Annual Meeting Program.

Circuit Petition - 5 signatures required

At Large Petition
- 15 signatures required

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