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Risk Management

The Best Way to Avoid a Claim is to Prevent One From Occurring in the First Place.

With everything on your plate, risk management should be easy. Find the solutions you need from ALPS, your SBSD endorsed legal malpractice insurance carrier.

Sample Forms, Letters, & Checklists

Save time by using relevant examples of letters and forms developed for you and for your clients. Learn More

Practice Management Tips

Learn from 30+ years of experience in analyzing and reducing risk for law firms.
Improve how you manage the practice law with tips to keep you safe. Learn More

Risk Management Blog

Get relevant content that addresses the unique challenges faced attorneys today. Learn More

Legal Malpractice Insurance Glossary

Created to help you understand the LPLI product and its unique features and benefits. Learn More

Vera (Virtual Ethics Risk Assessment)

A 20 minute FREE risk management assessment designed to help you understand where you fall in terms of risk management within your firm. Learn More

Succession Planning

Resources to help you create a smooth & successful transition plan for your law firm. Learn More

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