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Reporting Professional Misconduct

Members of The State Bar of South Dakota have adopted high standards of professional conduct which define proper and improper conduct for a lawyer handling legal matters. To maintain these standards, a system of self-discipline has been created and is administered through the Disciplinary Board of the State Bar, the Attorney General of the State of South Dakota, and the South Dakota Supreme Court.

Pursuant to Rule 8.3, a lawyer who is aware or believes another lawyer has committed a violation that raises a substantial question as to the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a lawyer shall inform the Disciplinary Board by filing a complaint.

Filing a Complaint

A complaint may be filed by sending a signed letter to: Disciplinary Board, The State Bar of South Dakota, 111 W Capitol Ave. #1, Pierre, SD 57501. Upon the  receipt of the written complaint, fully describing all the facts and all sources of information, it will be reviewed by the Board. Names, dates, addresses, and other documentation must be included in the complaint as a basis for investigation.

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